Safe junior sports are enhanced in collaborative networks

Finnish: Nuorten turvallista urheilua edistetään verkostojen yhteistyönä

The emotional and physical safety of children and young people is central to exercise and sports. Sports injuries for children and young people have increased due to for example hard and one-sided workload and premature specialization. The article describes what is needed to promote safe training for young people and what cooperation between young people, families, sports clubs and rehabilitation experts needs to be developed.

Rehablog is an edited blog focusing on good rehabilitation practices, maintained by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The authors of the rehablog students, teachers and experts in the field of rehabilitation and health.Source: Maria Tuononen, Nea Vänskä, Niklas Virtanen. Nuorten turvallista urheilua edistetään verkostojen yhteistyönä. Rehablogi, 11.12.2020. 
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