Joy! The fun-factor of moving

Written by Franceline van de Geer (Special Heroes) and Paul Verschuur (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences) / Netherlands Four tips to give most young people pleasure in sports. Fun to exercise for every youngster! With the accent on every youngster. You do not even have to understand much about motivation to know that young people who enjoy exercising together will … Read More

The importance of a culture of activity-diversity in sports clubs.

Written by Franceline van de Geer (Special Heroes) and Paul Verschuur (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences) / Netherlands How to keep youngsters committed to the sports club? To answer the question why young people come to a sports club and become a member is not easy. The participation incentives are as diverse as the young people themselves are. The image … Read More

Over-excited youngsters: Hey coach, time to play, isn’t it?

Written by Franceline van de Geer (Special Heroes) and Paul Verschuur (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences) / Netherlands Your job or voluntary work is performed in the area of sports and you spend a lot of time on the sports field, in the hall, in the forest or by the swimming pool. You try to pass and share your passion … Read More

Keep warm and enjoy the sport! -Warm-up and team building

Written by Kamila Czajka (AWF Wroclaw), Grzegorz Zurek (AWF Wroclaw) and Jacek Stodółka (AZS AWF Wrocław) / Poland The basic element that occurs at the beginning of the training sessions is a warm-up. We all know the main purposes and importance of the warm-up. Have you ever thought that you, as coach, create a positive atmosphere already during the first … Read More

“Seeking for the IDEAL”- participatory practices for athlete-centered junior coaching

Written by Mira Lönnqvist (Metropolia UAS), Nea Vänskä (Metropolia UAS) and Merike Helander (The Office of Ombudsman for Children) / Finland Athlete-centered junior coaching is ideally based on the opportunity for the young athletes to be heard and to have the opportunity to influence on matters that concern them in their sport. By enabling participation of young athletes, the coaches … Read More


Written by Miika Niemelä (Icehearts), Stina Kuhlefelt (Icehearts), Anita Ahlstrand (Metropolia UAS) and Pekka Anttila (Metropolia UAS) / Finland What is a young athlete’s joy made of? What does it take a young athlete to transcend themselves, believe in their own abilities, and be able to shine with their own strengths? Am I an adult that a young athlete finds … Read More

HOW ARE YOU DOING? – a mentoring model to support the sports coach

Written by Stina Kuhlefelt (Icehearts), Miika Niemelä (Icehearts), Anita Ahlstrand (Metropolia UAS) and Pekka Anttila (Metropolia UAS) / Finland Who has the responsibility for the coach’s coping and the methods they use to coach? How can a sports club support an individual junior coach and why is club support important? This blog launches the Icehearts’ mentoring model and the importance … Read More

Social bonding and team building

Written by Arne Öhlknecht & Stefanie Peichler (SPORTUNION Steiermark / Austria) and Anita Ahlstrand & Pekka Anttila, (Metropolia UAS / Finland) One of the key elements for young athletes to participate in sports activities is the sense of belonging. This blog opens up the topic HOW the coach can support the team building, create positive and safe training atmosphere and … Read More

COACH! Knowledge is 4U

Written by Jacek Stodółka (AZS AWF Wrocław), Kamila Czajka (AWF Wroclaw) and Grzegorz Zurek (AWF Wroclaw) / Poland Introduction  The last decade of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century was a period of creation and development of the information society, also known as the knowledge society. The knowledge of an individual is replaced by the ability … Read More

Role of parents in sport

Written by Anna Bachrata (Bulldogs Brno) and Dagmar Heiland Travnikova (Masaryk University) / Czech Republic How to include parents in the sports club activities and share the same goal – a happy and motivated moving kid!Do you have to deal with passive parents with no interest in their children’s sport? On the contrary, do you have to ask parents to … Read More